Mercyhurst University and the Department of Police and Safety are committed to providing a safe living and learning environment for its campus community. We are continuously striving to build and maintain a high level of cooperation between the entire campus community in order to focus on crime prevention and problem solving through awareness and education. 我们的工作人员由有逮捕权的宣誓警官组成. Many of our sworn officers are experienced former State, Municipal, or Township Police Officers.

We work around the clock to maintain a safe atmosphere for students, faculty, staff, 游客也一样.

Our Mission

Understanding that the primary purpose of Mercyhurst University is education, and that this department is an integral part of Mercyhurst University, the mission of the department of police and safety is to provide and maintain safety, security, 以及整个默西赫斯特社区的安宁. 完成它的使命, the Mercyhurst University department of police and safety perform both a law enforcement and security function within their jurisdiction. The diverse range of services provided by the Mercyhurst University department of police and safety includes, 但不限于:

  1. 预防、侦查和调查犯罪活动
  2. 保护学生、员工、访客和学校财产
  3. 对医疗事故作出紧急反应
  4. 警察和安全人员对活动的反应
  5. Parking regulation enforcement, traffic control, and motorist assistance
  6. General assistance to university students, employees, and visitors, as needed or when requested
  7. Development of crime prevention programs for presentation to the university community

Although the Mercyhurst University department of police and safety performs a law enforcement and security function, the department and its personnel strive to be viewed as advocates for, 而不是默西赫斯特大学社区的敌人, 并努力进一步保持专业, 服务态度与理念.


警察和安全部门为学生提供陪同, faculty and staff upon request and if certain circumstances are present. Students who have returned to campus late or feel unsafe walking through campus can request a police escort to their building, 住所或车辆. 

请求护送,请打电话 814-824-3911 或使用校园紧急电话(蓝光系统).


Police and Safety offers a number of safety and security initiatives to create an environment where the educational process can take place relatively free from the fear of crime. 其中一个预防犯罪的倡议就是蓝光系统. The 蓝光系统 is a series of emergency alarm stations located in several areas on campus to provide immediate assistance to anyone in distress. Each Blue Light tower is connected to a dedicated line within the Police and Safety Office.


The Department of Police and Safety is committed to providing a safe living and learning environment for the Mercyhurst University campus community. Students, faculty, and staff with concerns for their safety and/or security on campus are encouraged to contact the Department of Police & 安全问题请立即亲自解决,或拨打(814)824-3911. Emergency 蓝光系统s are strategically located in several areas on campus (include link to map). Please do not hesitate to use any means of contacting Police and Safety if you have a concern for your safety. The Department of Police and Safety is open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.


  • 公寓房间/停工
  • 蓝光系统
  • 校园巡逻
  • Clery Reports
  • e2Campus (紧急文字警报)
  • Parking
  • 警察护送
  • 车辆启动
  • 车辆停工


Police and Safety has the ability to blast text messages to thousands of people within minutes, 通过我们的e2Campus短信提醒系统.

e2Campus, extends the reach of existing emergency notification measures like campus wide e-mails and Web page updates to alert students anywhere, anytime. The advantage of text over e-mail is that students are constantly checking their cell phones. 这是他们的交流方式.

The e2Campus system can broadcast text messages to subscribers on all four campuses in just minutes. It will function with mobile phones, Blackberries, wireless PDAs and smart phones.

要接收来自e2Campus系统的提醒, click here 按照说明.



All vehicles parked on campus are required to have a valid parking permit. 所有的停车场都有颜色标记. Temporary visitors can obtain a visitor permit available free of charge for a maximum of three days. Visitor permits may be obtained in the Police and Safety Office, 哪家是24小时营业的, 7 days a week, 一年365天.

Phone: 814-824-3911

Our Staff


DJ Fuhrmann began his work at Mercyhurst University in 2016 after retiring from the City of Erie Police Department as Deputy Chief. 在他28年的城市生涯中, he managed small police units as a sergeant before culminating his career as Deputy Chief. 他还担任其他执法机构的联络人, 支持服务和社区组织, 在特警队待了7年. Chief Fuhrmann graduated from Mercyhurst University with a degree in Criminal Justice in 1987. 除了获得学士学位, Fuhrmann did advanced studies at the FBI National Academy and the Police Staff and Command School at Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety.

Email: dfuhrmann@clamart-sarbacane.com


Lieutenant Joslin has over 20 years of experience working for the U.S. 军队以及市政和校园执法部门. 自2004年以来,他一直在默西赫斯特工作. 在默西赫斯特工作之前, Joslin gained valuable experience in Law Enforcement while working for the West Mead Police Department, 阿勒格尼学院, 康内特维尔警察局, 和弗农镇警察局. Lieutenant Joslin graduated from the Military Police Academy in 1987 and continued his education at Edinboro University and at the Municipal Police Academy before he started his professional work in 1997. 他还获得了刑事司法副学士学位.

Email: pjoslin@clamart-sarbacane.com


PTLM. Nick DeAngelo
Email: ndeangelo@clamart-sarbacane.com

PTLM. Tanner Hughes
Email: thughes@clamart-sarbacane.com

PTLM. 利兰·蒙哥马利
Email: lmontgomery@clamart-sarbacane.com

PTLM. 布兰登Peplinski
Email: bpeplinski@clamart-sarbacane.com

PTLM. Andrew Tooley
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调度员Joline Capwill
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Email: jdavis@clamart-sarbacane.com

调度员Nevan Vodzak报道
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联络校园警察 & Safety

Phone: 814-824-3911
Email: mupolice@clamart-sarbacane.com