Mercyhurst University understands that student success is essential for a strong campus community, and success is best achieved when students have access to the resources that support academic growth and opportunity. Academic Services and Support creates a “one-stop shop” for students to help them achieve their academic and career goals. 

The areas that constitute Academic Services and Support are:


The Office of 学术支持 offers professional advising and academic support to students, with academic counselors for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Our professional team partners with students and faculty to enhance the academic experience, and are committed to collaborative engagement with the campus community to improve student success, 持久性, 和保留. 

Career and Professional Development Center

The Office of Career and Professional Development (CPD) helps students and alumni throughout their career journeys, from prospective students to the first day of undergraduate classes to late career changes. Our four-phase career plan has been developed to assist students and alumni to progress at their own pace towards their career goals. Using this plan, the CPD offers a variety of assistance with your career needs. 

Learning Support Services

The Office of Learning Support Services is committed to identifying and reducing physical, 态度, and programmatic barriers for all students. Our team ensures access to campus programs, 服务, and facilities for students, including those with disabilities. We address learning needs and academic performance, so that students’ opportunities for achievement may be equalized, while supporting academic integrity and rigor.


The Prestigious Award Program assists exceptional students in writing competitive applications for some of the most prestigious national and international awards in contemporary undergraduate and graduate scholarship. The program has an ever-growing list of supported awards, as well as links to search engines to assist students in identifying and applying for outside scholarships from a variety of sources.

University 荣誉项目

The University 荣誉项目 offers students an enriched intellectual collegiate experience, both in and out of the classroom. Honors students enjoy challenging course work, an engaging community of like-minded peers, 小类, and opportunities to enhance leadership and professional skills. The program confers qualified graduates with Mercyhurst Honors, the highest academic accolade possible.

University and Ridge Archives

The University Archives contain a wealth of primary source material pertaining to important documents, 机构的记录, ephemera and realia about the university. The Ridge Collection contains material pertaining to important public policy matters covering Governor Ridge's time in office, along with extensive resources pertaining to First Lady Michele Ridge's commitment to important social issues.


Academic Services and Support
Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Office: Egan Hall, First Floor
总部:Egan 123